Our Services

Andziso capital is a 100% black-owned venture capital company that is based in Johannesburg that seeks to serve a niche market of rural entrepreneurs all over South Africa. The formation of our came out of the desire to empower rural entrepreneurs and improve rural livelihoods. 

Our purpose is to invest in rural-based entrepreneurs and provide them with much needed support to grow their businesses. The success and growth of small businesses in rural areas will enable us to invest in more businesses and ensure that they grow in numbers, effectively multiplying their capital and boosting the economy as well as sustain and improve their livelihoods. 

We aim to ensure that you run your business seamlessly, while we manage your records as we have undertaken to use only the best technologies for our clients.

Accounting and bookkeeping

We provide seamless accounting services using cloud-based accounting software. This enables Andziso Captital to automated our booking keeping services as far as possible. We have partnered with Xero and we use other Apps in the market to provide you with efficient services at reasonable rates. Depending on your preference and the package you choose, we can train you on Xero functions, functions such as how to invoice, extract your reports such as profit & loss statements and balance sheets. 

Our Packages

How Cloud Bookkeeping services improves processes

Since the emergence of cloud accounting products the outsourcing of bookkeeping services has been highly successful. Most companies make decisions to outsource the main duties of bookkeeping, but maintain one or two of the practices within.

For example, a company may generate several invoices for several customers and a working credit management system would be needed to retain a tight hold on the cash flow to companies. In this case, these tasks may not be part of the outsourced bookkeeping systems so it makes sense to outsource all the other tasks.

Many cloud accounting packages allow seamless operations in selective outsourcing arrangements as mentioned above, where at various locations, numerous bookkeeping tasks are conducted and handled by different resources. The utilization of cloud accounting and cloud bookkeeping software is a highly effective way to achieve superior efficiency and maintenance without the expense of resources.